Money Saving Ideas

CaymanChillin Money-Saving Ideas

BRING YOUR OWN ALCOHOL. Everything on the island is imported, so there is a 20% duty to pay plus the cost of shipping. A case a beer (whether Heineken or Budweiser) will cost over CI$40.00 (US$50.00 +).. Some people bring soda too! The last time I checked You are allowed a case of beer per adult, 2 bottles of wine OR 1 liter of spirits. Likewise, wine is expensive…do the same. Since the airlines are now charging for luggage on the plane, you will have to weigh the options You don’t need a lot of clothes on the island, so why not fill that suitcase with beer, wine, etc? Don’t bring food, the food here is great.

EAT AT CHEAPER PLACES. While in Georgetown or 7MB, we try to eat at Chicken! Chicken! a rotisserie chicken café in one of the first shopping areas (pink colored buildings) you come to in 7MB. They have great side orders, and the chicken is so good, we normally buy extra for the road! Also in downtown Georgetown, while shopping for jewelry, etc…there is a large deli/convenience store called Fort Street Market. Fort Street runs (east/west) right into the harbor, and this deli is on the first corner (off the ocean) towards the financial district. It has a prepared food line, and charges you by the pound whether salad or jerk chicken! One other money-saving strategy is to split entrees at the expensive restaurants. Especially if the restaurant offers great desserts! Vivine’s backyard is a great local (cheap) lunch spot and it is less than 1 mile from the villa. Don’t be put off by the “casualness” is very nice, and has a great view of the ocean from her picnic tables. She also has a covered area in case the weather threatens. Look for the black/white checkered sign. Another place I like is “Over the Edge” and if you take a right turn leaving the villa, it is about a 10 minute drive to the Northside. When you come to the junction of Frank Sound road and Queens road, take a right and head to Rum Point. The “Edge” is just about ½ miles on your right after you turn. Good meals and they give you your money worth. One last idea to save money while eating out is to remember that most restaurants add-in a gratuity automatically…don’t tip on the tip!!

USE DISCOUNT COUPONS. You pick up at the rental car places. Many of the restaurants/shops/dive operators advertise via these discount packages.

DIVE FROM SHORE, NOT FROM BOATS. Shore dives from Sunset House, Eden Rock and Dive Tech (under Cracked Conch restaurant) are no more than CI$10.00 for a tank/weight rental, and are some of the nicest dives on the island. You can dive anytime you want to, and don’t have to deal with other people getting in your way. Additionally, I know that my friends always like to do an easy shore dive as their first dive on the island, just to get re-acclimated to the equipment.

**We try to keep this up to date but things change as fast as we can update them If you find a place that is closed, or no longer there please let us know.

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