General Advice

Advice To Make Your trip More Enjoyable in
the Grand Cayman:

  1. 1. Cayman is a Casual to “smart-casual” island; therefore leave your necktie at home! Don’t even bring a jacket for a fancy dinner because you’ll probably take it off. In winter, the evenings can get cool…so it is wise for ladies to take a light sweater out to dinner.

  2. 2. Purchase the majority of your groceries and liquor on the way out of the airport area. We recommend Hurley’s Super Market, a beautiful pastel-colored, gingerbread-styled shopping center in Grand Harbor; just 5 minutes (2 miles) from the airport (on your way to East End). It is on the left side of Crewe Road and has a Liquor store, Blockbuster video, Pharmacy, toy store and Art store too. Then about 3 miles further out there is a Fosters food Fair to your left in the Shopping Center in Savannah. Remember, Everything is closed on Sundays, so do your shopping on Saturday!

  3. 3. Note: Fosters Foods has a small store across from the Morrittz just one mile from CaymanChillin and has a good assortment of food and supplies for restocking and quick items.

  4. 4. The island accepts US$ just about everywhere. The quoted rate is usually US $1.25 = CI $1.00. (or US $10.00 gets you CI $8.00).

  5. 5. Phone jacks and electrical outlets are U.S. standard (110 volt).

  6. 6. You can trust the water. It is piped to CaymanChillin from the Georgetown water plant, where we filter as well. All the sinks, ice machine water, and hot water use city water and is filtered again. The toilets, shower cold water and outside hydrants are cistern water taken from a big water concrete storage tank under the ocean porch. That water is treated rainwater.

  7. 7. For the more popular restaurants, reservations are recommended (especially for the Hyatt restaurant at Rum Point, Tukka and the Lighthouse restaurant in the winter). Most restaurants automatically include a service charge (gratuity), so be careful not to “tip” on the “tip”. So check your bill to see if it has or has not gratuity!!! The island is expensive enough!

Things Not To Forget

  • Everything in Grand Cayman is Imported ($$!) The island has no taxes but those on imports, hotel stays, Villas and property. The Island charges 22% duty on everything that comes in. That is on top of the high shipping cost. Anything you think you will need that is expensive (cameras, film, sunglasses, etc.) try to bring it with you. Friends of mine bring beer! (US$40.00 +/case!! On Cayman)

  • Sunscreen. Absolutely, if you are fair-skinned. Hats are a must also.

  • “Wading shoes” (stretchy nylon slip-ons with a hard rubber sole). These will protect your feet should you step on a sharp shell, piece of coral, or sea urchin while swimming/snorkeling

  • Passports, All must have a passport to enter Cayman and also Enter the USA!
  • Valid Drivers License (if you are renting a car). Age 25+ is required at all rental agencies except Andy’s

  •  Underwater mask that fits. Fins/snorkel are also recommended, but can be rented at Red Sail Sports (Rum Point) or Ocean Frontiers (East End).

  • Special food/prescriptions/baby formula. While there are many pharmacies on the island, they are going to be at least 40 minutes from the East End of the island.

  • Small bottle of bug spray. Some restaurants are outside; and in the rare instance there is no breeze, bugs may be bothersome right at dusk.

Outside Web Cameras

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