Directions to CaymanChillin From the Airport

Exit the Airport or Rental Car parking lot. Drive on the Left! You are headed towards East End (via Savanna & Boddentown) not to Georgetown in case you get lost and need directions.

After leaving the rental car parking lot, turn right (into left lane!) proceed about ½ mile, bare to the left at the first “mini roundabout” intersection (Note: mini roundabouts are just a circle painted on the pavement, there is no construction or monument other than, sometimes, traffic signs when you approach them, pay attention and yield to the traffic circulating in the roundabout!), you will then curve to the left, and be driving parallel to the fenced runway, going South West. Look to your right & you will see a large supermarket…Foster’s Food Fair and other stores. This is one of two large supermarkets on the way to East End. There is another (better-I recommend it) beautiful supermarket on the way (Hurley’s), so if Fosters is too crowded, or you don’t want to risk a right turn in heavy traffic just yet…don’t worry; keep going.

Stay in the left lane and proceed straight to the South West end of the fenced runway (1/4 mile after Fosters..) bare left (airport runway will be on your left). Mark your odometer and be sure it is reading miles and not kms.

Proceed around the runway and you should be on Crewe Road going East towards Savanna & Boddentown. It feels like you have just circled the runway, and you have! You will pass a gas station (I think it’s a Texaco) and then just stay left at the roundabout.. You will stay on this road relax regarding turns. Just stay in the left lane. When you come to the 2nd roundabout just go around 180 degrees..proceeding straight East to CaymanChillin or you can stop at Hurleys for food.

Hurley’s Grocery Store, Domino’s Pizza (if you arrive Sunday this is one of the few places open for take home food in Sunday), Toy Store, Pharmacy and Black Bird Liquors (recommend if you are a wine lover), at Grand Harbour should be at approximately 2 miles on your odometer just at the second traffic circle on the left (look for tall palm trees on your left and a pastel-colored, gingerbread shopping center). You can get off here to shop, and then get right back on Crewe Road.

There are about 3 more roundabouts to go through in the next mile or so, so be careful and follow the signs that lead you to Savannah and Bodden Town.

You will follow Crewe road all the way along the southern side of the island to the center of the island (about 12 miles from airport). Along the way, you will drive through the areas of Savannah, Newlands, and ultimately Bodden Town (keep an eye to the left for the pirate cave gift shop..8 miles on odometer). Watch your speed as it is slow through here!!

After clearing Bodden Town, you will drive about another 3 miles, and pass the Lighthouse Restaurant in a village called “Breakers” (Watch your Speed). Lighthouse restaurant will be on your right. You have gone approximately 11 miles so far.

One mile past the Lighthouse Restaurant (again, 12 miles total to center of island), there is a big multi-colored sign post and colorful overturned skiff marking the turn to Northside. Do not turn, YOU PROCEED EAST to East End. You can’t make a mistake here. You just continue driving East past Frank Sound and through the district of East End. (Watch your Speed).

You are now about two miles from CaymanChillin. Keep going and you will pass a Cellular tower on the left and Ocean Frontiers dive center on the right, there is a funny yellow submarine on the front of the store!. Hang on, you are one mile from CaymanChillin! Keep going and start looking for the Tukka Restaurant on the right and CaymanChillin will be the next house on the right past Tukka! Caymanchillin is yours!

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