Arrival / Departure Procedures

Arrival/Processing in Grand Cayman is very easy

  1. 1. The airlines hand out both a Cayman Immigration form and a family customs declaration. You should fill out both before you land. Notice two things; your flight number and that they write their dates as DD/MM/YY, not MM/DD/YY. You are staying at a “private guest house”. The house address is: 918 Austin Conolly Road EE

  2. 2. **Upon arrival, you will be directed to the embarkation area. Proceed to the right-most line (next to where “Returning Caymanians” re-enter. Although it moves slowly at first, once the Cayman nationals on your flight have gone through…the officers in that line will wave you over to the Nationals line! There, you will need to show the Cayman Immigration Official your passport and both forms. Once processed, you go to your right, and claim your luggage as it comes off the conveyor (the carts are plentiful and free, so no need to hurry). Grab some free brochures/literature from the Cayman Cottage-looking welcome desk. You then get in a customs line for “nothing to declare”, unless you are bringing in more than the allowed items stated on the Caymanian customs card.

  3. 3. After processing, take your bags/cart out the door to the left, to the traffic circle. If you have contracted McCurley’s Tours to take you to CaymanChillin, look for one of their Brown/Tan vans. If you have rented a car, park your bags/cart to the left of the circle, and whichever person will be driving should walk to their left about 100yds to the car rental “strip mall” (about 10 car rental places) right across the street from the airport. If you used Andy’s Cars, their new facility is right across the parking lot from the arrival doors. If you need cash at this time, there is an ATM machine just inside the double glass door to the Departure Area (where the ticket counters are) right next to the traffic circle outside of the arrival gate. You can get either CI$ or US$ from your U.S. ATM card!

  4. 4. Please remember to Drive on the Left!

Departure Procedures are easy as well: **

  1. 1. The best plan is to call the airline on the morning of your departure to be sure your plane is on time (“Important Phone Numbers” page). Then, plan your day around dropping the bags off (checking them in) getting your tickets about 2-3 hours early, then go have lunch/shop, turn in the rental car (across the street) and walk to the departure lounge. When you go to drop off your bags (2-3 hrs early), use the pay-parking lot across from the airport. It only cost CI $2.00/hour, and you won’t be there more than 30 minutes anyway, and then you won’t need the services of a “sky-cap”. If you park your car out in front of the airport and leave it, they will attach an iron “boot” to your tire (fine required). If you do need their (sky cap) services; use them, as they are always polite and will get your heavy bags to the front of the line (pretty much just $1.00/bag, as in the states).

  2. 2. A couple of things to remember here. You need to have the little white immigration declaration card in order to depart (look in your passport). If you have lost it, just go to the departure line and fill out another (in boxes against the glass partition), no big deal. Another thing to remember is that there are duty-free shops in the departure lounge, where you can buy liquor, perfume, cigars, etc…at pretty nice prices, but remember that you will have to pack all liquids in your luggage when you arrive back in the States.

  3. 3.This is a pretty good plan. If you check-in your luggage early (11AM), and you have a 2:45PM flight, you can easily arrive back at the car rental place at 1:30 and only be waiting 30-45 minutes in the departure lounge to board. Remember, there are no gates to run between ! Just be sure you have a boarding pass (seat assignment) before you leave the airport for lunch.

  4. ** Note, this is in the process of being changed as to the last update on this page

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